Nadine Hubble and Sharon BlaikieWOW! CREATIVE COACHING ENTERPRISES is a West Sussex organisation formed and run by professional coaching practitioners, Nadine Hubble and Sharon Blaikie, who share a combined experience of 30 years as educators and life coaches. They have perfected the art of encouraging young people to love learning, life and themselves!

WOW! Creative’s focus on Youth Coaching, Creative Performance & Enterprise is creatively entwined to provide young people with valuable personal learning as well as guidance and opportunities within the arts and business environments.  The courses and projects instill self-belief and confidence, resilience and an enterprising mind-set in students at all stages of their education.  Also, students’ renewed appreciation for their local community is achieved through their enhanced civic contribution.

Sharon and Nadine empower individuals to explore and express their thinking about their life and their world, enabling them to define their purpose early on and work towards fulfilling their goals.

Their child-centred philosophy means that activities are always age appropriate, fun, meaningful and inspiring. What children and young people love most is to be heard, taken seriously and to take part in creative enterprises that develop their curiosity, their life and work skills.  Their approaches set young people on the right path!

Wow! Creative Pupils1:1 & Group Workshops may include:

  • National & international arts performances
  • Structured team building
  • Skills coaching & practise
  • Life coaching & youth voice forum
  • Collaborative learning
  • Fast track to networking success
  • Work experience

Projects have included the Olympic Torch Relay, Arun Valley Railway 150th Anniversary and Creative Fun & Student Enterprise at Arundel Festival.

WOW! Creative – Coaching & Enterprises that direct you towards self belief and positive life experiences!

PATRON: Her Grace, the Duchess of Norfolk